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for over 40 years, we only think of taking care your environment and your plants.

Jecall Sustainable Biotech

Jecall (and its subsidiary) origined from Kuala Lumpur Agricultural Sdn Bhd, with over 40 years experience in Malaysia agrocultural & pest-control industry.

Jecall products are made of natural plant-based solutions and are from USDA & FDA approved materials.

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we appreciate the trust on us and always deliverying the best

over 40 Years Industry Experience

Jecall Agrochemical Sdn Bhd (origin of KL Agricultural Sdn Bhd) has industry experience back to the 1980s

USDA approved materials

multiple Jecall products especially pest-control or for indoor products are made of USDA approved materials, for total safety

Finance Ministry registered Company

the KKM registered company is a requirement for a reliable and social-responsible supplier

Natural Materials. Safe to Kids & Pets

natural materials used to consider for application to sensitive area where our loved one around

Our Products

we dedicated to make effective and efficient solutions

Pest Control

natural pest control that's not just terminate, but also prevent from the breeding

Weeds Control

natural weeds control that target only unwanted weeds but keep the main plant healthy

Natural Fertilizer

plant-based fertilizer that emphasize healthy and sustainability yet so effective in growing flowers & crops.

Wholesale, Dealership & Customized Solutions

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Dr Mosquito 3in1 1000ml

Original price was: RM29.90.Current price is: RM22.50.

Natural Mouse Repellent Spray “Highly Concentrated” 1L

Original price was: RM33.90.Current price is: RM27.10.

Calbor Plus 1L

Original price was: RM32.90.Current price is: RM26.30.

Pullcops 4L

Original price was: RM89.90.Current price is: RM71.90.

Ecopel 500ml

Original price was: RM23.90.Current price is: RM19.10.

Bloomi 1L

Original price was: RM19.90.Current price is: RM15.90.

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News & Tips

rat problem? get rid of them, kill or expel, protect important assets of your home and office

how to effectively clear out bush of weeds? the environmental friendly way

kill, expel and de-larvaciding, these are the 3 important steps if you want to keep your business premise (and house of course) free of mosquitos.

dont let bugs ruin all your planting effort. use effective Debug F22, Debug+ or Ecobug to protect your plant, flowers, or crops.

distance between you and healthy plant is just a Ecobug solution. Using natural formula, it protect the plants from bugs and also help growing it healthier

how to remove weed but keep wanted plant and soil healthy? try our Bioweed solutions, which so effective targeting unwanted weed. talk to us further on how?

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"fast delivery . parking good . thanks so much. i will order again next time"
“Mantap,seller cepat buat kerja tidak tunggu lama nak hantar baarang Semoga maju jaya Janganlalai”
“ship dan delivery laju ,pembukusan yang baik guna kotak. berkesan menhalau tikus selepas sembur”

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It depends on the application ie indoor/outdoor, for house-hold care or gardening etc.

Our Debug+, Debug F22 and Ecobug are all-rounder solutions which take cares most South East Asia common-found insects.

While Dr.Mosquito is specially designed to tackle mosquito problems, Ecopel to handle lizards.

Mouse repellent is very effective on tackle mouse problem.

By following our usage guidance and instructions, our products are safe to kids and house pet (common type).

We had sub-categorize our products (Weeds-Control) into weeds-remover, lawn care, algae-moss.

Depends on your requirements, you may choose to apply either one of the above, or a combination of both.

Consult our Customer-Care Support or talk to your dealer for more tips.

Depending on the plants you are growing, our weeds-control will only target unwanted weeds and leave the main plant un-harmed.

Do contact our Customer-Care Support for more.

Yes. Our fertilizer are plant-based and are organic.

Yes. Our fertilizer are plant-based.