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“Mantap,seller cepat buat kerja tidak tunggu lama nak hantar baarang Semoga maju jaya Janganlalai”
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It depends on the application ie indoor/outdoor, for house-hold care or gardening etc.

Our Debug+, Debug F22 and Ecobug are all-rounder solutions which take cares most South East Asia common-found insects.

While Dr.Mosquito is specially designed to tackle mosquito problems, Ecopel to handle lizards.

Mouse repellent is very effective on tackle mouse problem.

By following our usage guidance and instructions, our products are safe to kids and house pet (common type).

We had sub-categorize our products (Weeds-Control) into weeds-remover, lawn care, algae-moss.

Depends on your requirements, you may choose to apply either one of the above, or a combination of both.

Consult our Customer-Care Support or talk to your dealer for more tips.

Depending on the plants you are growing, our weeds-control will only target unwanted weeds and leave the main plant un-harmed.

Do contact our Customer-Care Support for more.

Yes. Our fertilizer are plant-based and are organic.

Yes. Our fertilizer are plant-based.