Dow Copton (30mg) Best Termite Bait in Market
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Product: Dow Copton (30mg)
Active Ingredient: Hexaflumuron 0.5%
Class: IV

- Termite colony elimination, to reduce total termite population that surround your house premises . 
- Effective protection - 1 pack for 1 spot, Copton is easy to apply and no water is needed.
- Copton only targets termites.
- Copton contains only 0.5% active ingredient and meets RSPO ctiteria. 
- 90% effectives compare with other brand.
- Odourless

Direction of usage: 

1. Find out and discover the termite trail/roadway, it may hidden at the back or bottom of wooden furniture, 
    example like shoe rack, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, TV rack and etc. Place the bait on where the termite appear.

2. Set up termite bait spot. Open a small hole below packing, stick double side tape at four side edges of the package. If the area is wet, open a small hole at corner edge for water to leak out. 

3. Inspect the package after 2 weeks. Cover back if the bait is still remain. Add some more bait if it was finished. 
Recheck until the bait is no more being consumed.

4. To repeat step if needed to set up more termite bait to ensure the whole termite colony has been eliminated.
(Depend on termites colony size, in certain circumstances, it may need 3-4 pack of Copton termite bait.)

5. Total colony elimination usually happens at 40 - 80 days after treatment. 


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