Jecall Go-Red Foliar & Drip Irrigation Fertilizer (1 Liter)
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Brand Jecall
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm
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Go-Red is an imported, concentrated fertilizer for foliar application and drip irrigation. Provide important nutrients and increase photosynthesis for all crops. Free of Chloride , lesser inert material, high concentration in quality ingredients. Effectively boosting growth for plant and leaf. Go-Red able to deliver higher yield, maximize growth

Crops                                                      * Every 10 Liter Water             
Watermelon, Melon Type, Fruit Tree        10-15ml every 2 weeks           
Fruit Type Vegetable                                10-15ml every 7-10 day           
Orchids                                                     10ml  weekly (1-2 application)           
Pepper Type                                             10-15ml every 2 weeks  


必丰宝肥精是⼀款叶⾯喷射和滴⽔灌溉肥精,可供应更多的植物和农作物的养分。不 含氯(CI)有更浓缩的⾼素质原料,⽽不含随⾏成份。有效使得光合作⽤过程进⾏的 更快更完整,完全发挥植物和叶⼦成⻓潜能。

农作物                                                      * 每10公升⽔             
西⽠, 蜜⽠类,果树                                  间隔每两个星期施⽤10-15毫升⼀次
果菜类                                                        间隔7-10天施⽤10-15毫升⼀次。
胡姬花等                                                    每个星期施⽤10毫升⼀到两次
胡椒类                                                        间隔每两个星期施⽤10-15毫升⼀次。


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