Spectra 29 Organic Japan Humus Fertilizer (400g/1KG/2KG/3KG)
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*Baja Organik Import / Imported Japan Humus / 日本进口有机腐植肥

*Product Description: Palletised, Processed Humus.

*Active Ingredient: N-8 P-8 K-8 (TE-2 MGO-3)

​*Categories: Organic Fertilizer (All Crops)

​*Contain: 400g/1kg/2kg/3kg

*Simple Description: All purpose organic compound fertilizer, ingredient included fishmeal, marine organics and calcined phosphates. Special heat processed and essential elements in correct proportions to maintain and increase the soil fertility, its all purpose beneficial effect on plant life produces stronger growth, greater fruit yields, more prolific vegetables and flower production.​



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